Each of us impacts our planet everyday. We’re very aware of that and work hard to reduce our footprint. We believe the impact of a new home should be minimized whenever possible. It's a delicate balance of cost and efficiencies. That's why we've partnered with ecoSelect to give each home we build a HERS rating.

This means when you buy an Imagine home, you can feel confident that it's efficient through a reduced consumption footprint. Through a combination of green building strategies, water conservation initiatives, and performance testing, an ecoSelect home is thoughtfully designed to be comfortable and efficient. ecoSelect inspects our homes so they are energy rated, and certified through a third party organization. This ensures that ecoSelect initiatives have been implemented in the design and homebuilding processes and will give you a clear expectation of your utility bill.

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A HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score will guide you in regards to the energy efficiency of our homes. Heating, cooling, and water heating are make up the second highest cost of owning a home. (The mortgage is first.) So, the lower a HERS rating your home has, the more efficient these items are. Check out the video below for details about the HERS rating.

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