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A Heart for Homes

We love building homes. It’s something we started a few years back. After building all kinds of homes at all kinds of prices, we’ve decided to do something new-make it really easy for you to buy a new home at the right price for your budget.

We understand how intimidating the transition from renting to owning can be. That’s why we take the worry and complication out of the home buying process by offering great floorplans at your prices. Sounds like a perfect combination? We think so too!

Imagine Homes Owners Darrell Daigre & George Aiken

Not Your Average Homebuilder

Almost every homebuilder says they love crafting really amazing homes that fulfill the dreams of a buyer. We like that too. BUT, we take it a step further. What really gets us excited is making it EASY. We’ve heard so many buyers complain about how hard it is to navigate processes and choices- there are SO many. That’s why our homes are a combination of great floorplans with an easy-to-navigate purchase process from people who understand the importance of this to you and your family. It’s just that simple.

What This Means for You

With years of experience in the home building industry, this means we have the buying power to offer extras you won’t find with our competitors. We understand what makes a house a home - it’s the little things that make living just a bit easier. We believe that you shouldn't have to shell out extra cash to have the home of your dreams.

Simple, stress-free, and affordable are not always words that relate to the home buying process. We are here to change that.
So, are you ready to say “i’m in?”

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