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How Can We Help?

We work really hard to build homes with as few imperfections as possible. It's a precise process with thousands of influencing factors. And, sometimes, that means we may need to make some tweaks after you've moved in. We're happy to do so.

When an issue arises, we know it can be frustrating. We're focused on handling all our warranty requests timely and efficiently.
Three Steps To Submitting A Successful Warranty Claim
Step 1: See if you're covered. It's true, not everything is covered under a warranty. We have two handy lists to help you understand if your issue is warrantable. Please review this before going to Step 2:
Step 2: Review your warranty manual for information on coverage for the issue you are experiencing. This offers timelines for coverage on various systems and what about them is — or isn't covered.

Step 3: If your issue is covered under the warranty, please click here to fill out a warranty request.

If you are experiencing an emergency, here is a list of contacts by community.
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