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How To Choose The Right Floorplan For Your New Home

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Looking for a new home can be completely overwhelming.  Design, layout, curb appeal, not to mention size- it can get a little crazy.  How do you know which new home is right for you?  The best way to narrow-down choices is to focus on which floorplan will work best for you and your needs – now and down the road.  That sounds a bit intimidating, but we have some fantastic tips to help you decide.  Read on and see how easy it can be to choose the perfect home for you.

Think about size first.  Size is the most important consideration.  Begin with how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’re looking for. Do you have enough room for your family and college friends to come visit?  Give some thought to how you’ll be using your space and focus on floorplans that will accommodate your needs over time.  Will this home be enough space in five or ten years?  It’s a lot to consider, but thinking-through this process will help you make the best decisions!   

Choose a floorplan based on your lifestyle.  If you like to entertain, you’ll probably want an open floorplan and large living spaces so you can cook and interact with your guests at the same time.  Is your master bedroom where you retreat after a long day or is that your main relaxation space where you spend most of your time?  Do you dream of space outdoors to entertain and hang-out? Thinking about how you use your new home will shed a lot of light on which floorplan you should choose.

A floorplan should suit your design style, but don’t get too hung up on the details.  Are you a modern, contemporary, traditional, or a little-bit-of-everything new home shopper?  Determining your favorite design styles will help narrow down choices, but don’t forget that small changes to finishes or features can change the look of any home!  For example, when you add your own furniture and rugs into a room, the space is completely transformed.  Go with your gut when it comes to floorplan size and layout, but use your imagination to visualize how your home can reflect your personality and design choices!

Know your budget and stick to it.  Focus on communities with new homes and floorplans that are in your budget, and think about how you can modify the space to suit your growing needs.  Lucky for you, we have amazing available new homes that are perfect for homebuyers on a budget.  Lots of space, open floorplans - check them out here!

Make an advantages vs. disadvantages list.  Seriously.  Do it.  This helps to get your thoughts organized.  Seeing them written down makes the decision-making process tangible.  You can mark-up your notes, and even rank the pros and cons to help determine what’s most important (because we know that indecisiveness can be a real struggle)!

Ask a pro.  If you need help finding the perfect floor plan, call an expert to help you!  Consider this your open invite to call us or shoot us an email.  We love helping folks get into the new home of their dreams.

We have available new homes all over the Raleigh, NC area and even in Fayetteville, NC, Sanford, NC, and the Pinehurst, NC area. Check out all our awesome new home communities and floorplans.  There’s something for every homebuyer! 

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