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2016 New Home Trends You Need To Know About

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It’s 2016, and you know what that means- new home trends in design and décor.   Some of the trends we’ve noticed were expected, but some are a bit of a surprise!  Are you looking to revamp a room in your home, or do you just want to spruce up your space?  Look no further than our list of interesting and totally applicable trends.  And, if you want a bit more inspiration, our Pinterest board dedicated to the latest and greatest new home trends is what you’re looking for.  Here’s our recap of the biggest and best home trends for 2016.


Color trends can change in a short amount of time – even from one year to the next.  Color authority Pantone announced in December that not one, but two colors would be named king (and queen) of the year.  Those are Rose Quartz, a light pink shade, and Serenity, a light blue/purple shade.  These color choices, along with many other trends, reflect hope for a peaceful and restful year.

Sherwin Williams and other competitors have named white neutrals as their colors of the year, like Alabaster.   Other neutrals, like shades of grey, will continue to be very popular.  Expect to see metal applications such as copper and steel all around the home, and particularly in the kitchen.


If there is one word to capture 2016 new home trends, it would be texture.  Fabric wall art will be a popular décor element, including everything from tapestries to Guatemalan-inspired fabrics.  Also expect to see plenty of faux fur, in unexpected places too, like this faux fur ottoman.  Want a giant ball of yarn to put your feet up?  Check out these adorable knitted poufs in this cozy living room!

Texture can even be found by bringing the outdoors in, which is another huge trend for 2016.  From herb gardens to succulents and terrariums, plenty of green should be included in your new home décor.

Furniture, Lighting, Décor

Swiss and Scandinavian-designed furniture follows the theme of crisp, clean design in 2016.  Also becoming increasingly popular is space saving design, like charging stations and multifunctional furniture pieces in the kitchen and living areas of the home.  Pendant lighting will be found in every room of the home.  Looking for the perfect complement to trending softer and neutral colors?  Fantastic graphic throw pillows, of course!  Buy them or DIY them.  Geometric shapes and tiling is another design element you can expect to see on floors, backsplashes, and shower curtains- seriously anything.

Comfort/Style Combo

Consciously creating time and space to rest and relax will be a growing trend in 2016.  Comfy yet elegant living spaces will become more and more popular. Having a super comfy bed to get a better night’s sleep  will be a focus this year.  Yay for more shut eye!

For more inspiration and information on new home trends for 2016, check out this fabulous article and this trend list from Pinterest.  Do you need a new home to showcase all of these exciting new trends?  Check out our available homes in new home communities in Raleigh, Sanford, and Youngsville North Carolina.  We can bet we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!

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