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Give Your Home A Little TLC This Winter

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Think home maintenance stops during wintertime?  Think again!  There are a ton of little things you do during winter to protect your home and help it run more efficiently (and save some green as an added bonus).  For tips on how to get it done, read on! 

Give your HVAC system a once-over.  Make sure it’s clean and running efficiently.  You should also have a technician ensure you aren’t susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks.  If your ceiling fans have a blade reversal option, make sure the blades are in the proper position and rotating in the right direction to help keep your room warm.  Let your fan help push warm air down and back into the room, which can take some of the pressure off of your heating system especially on cold January days.

Check your roof and repair any damaged or loose shingles.  This will decrease the likelihood you’ll have leaks from winter storms and help ensure heat isn’t escaping through the roof.  Make sure you’ve cleaned your gutters too.  Leaves and pine needles can hold moisture, damaging your roof.

Apply caulking to doors and windows.  This helps to prevent heat from escaping and increases your home’s efficiency. 

Drain water hoses and divert water from gutters.  Water left in hoses outside can freeze and bust pipes.  No one wants that!  You can also buy extensions for your gutters so water is diverted at least three to four feet from your foundation.  If you have an irrigation system, don’t forget to drain that too.

Make sure your fireplace is ready.  Inspect your fireplace before the cold weather really hits to make sure there are no cracks in the gas logs, liners, or burners. Bob Villa has some great tips for taking care of your fireplace, no matter which type you have.

For more tips, check out this year-long home maintenance check list.  Looking for an available new home in Raleigh, Youngsville, or Sanford?  We bet we have the home you’re looking for.  If you see something you like, give us a call!  We love chatting about our beautiful new homes.





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